A New Parent’s Guide to Life Insurance

Is your family growing? If so, congratulations! There is so much to do to prepare for baby, from getting all the cute tiny clothes to making sure your family is financially ready for another member. 

Life insurance can be an important part of your family’s financial plan. Life insurance may seem cost-prohibitive or confusing, but it can be more affordable than you may have thought and often the benefits of a policy are attractive for young families. 

Learn more about getting started with life insurance for your family on NerdWallet:

The importance of having life insurance grows significantly when you start a family. And tackling life insurance for your family doesn’t have to be difficult. The short learning curve involved is made worthwhile by knowing those closest to you are protected in the event of tragedy. Here, the Nerds talk about: The different types of…

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Why Home Based Businesses Need Insurance

If you’re running a small business out of your home, it might be time to think about whether you’ve got the right insurance coverage. Not all policies are created equal – if you’ve got homeowners insurance for your residence, it likely does not cover commercial property or damage incurred while using your home for commercial purposes.

This article from Small Business Trends can help you understand why you need insurance for your home-based small business:

Is yours a home based business? You’re not alone if that’s the case. More than half of the businesses in the United States are based out of the owner’s home, with more being added every year, according to research by the Small Business Administration.

If so, is yours also one of the 60 percent of small office home office businesses that lack adequate business insurance, according to the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America?

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Does your credit card fully cover your rental car insurance?

Planning a family vacation? Thinking of renting a car for the holidays? You’ll want to read this guide from our friends at InsuraMatch. Your credit card does offer some coverage when renting a car, but, as with any insurance, it is important to understand what it does and does not cover. If the coverage is not enough to offset your risk, you may want to consider additional insurance through the rental car agency.

It’s the age old dilemma facing a person who rents a car– should you buy the rental agency’s auto insurance coverage or will your credit card provide the extra insurance protection you need?

If you’re like most people who occasionally rent a car for personal use – including vacations or to temporarily replace a car in the shop – that answer requires some research.

Unfortunately, your credit card may not offer as much protection as people think.

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Is Your Workplace Life Insurance Enough?

If you have a family, it is very important to evaluate your life insurance coverage. Your employer may offer life insurance to employees for free, but is this free coverage enough for your family’s needs?

Having adequate life insurance is important to maintaining your family’s standard of living should something happen. Your coverage through your employer may not be enough for your family, and it is dependent on your employment status with your company – what if you got a new job? Read on in Time for some important considerations when it comes to your workplace life insurance and your coverage needs:

As benefits season kicks off, you may be focused on the changes to your health plan. But be sure to pay careful attention to your life insurance options when you fill out your annual enrollment forms.

That is because the typical U.S. company usually only offers one- to three-times salary as a life insurance benefit at no cost to workers, and it ends when you leave the job.

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Is Renting Out Your Vacation Home Right For You?

If your family has a vacation home, you might consider renting it for some additional income. Before you make the jump to vacation rental landlord, there are some important considerations to mull over before putting up a rental ad.

Making sure you are prepared in advance will help make your rental experience run smoothly and help protect your home. Making sure your family has the right insurance coverage is essential to keeping your vacation home safe – once you start renting it out, your regular insurance coverage will no longer apply.

Read on for more tips and information from iBerkshires:

Homeowners are definitely responding to vacation travelers’ desires. … In either situation, you should contact your current homeowners insurance …

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How to Verify That New-to-You Auto Insurance Company Is Legit

Your family is probably familiar with a handful of auto insurance companies. It seems lately like you can’t turn on the TV without seeing an ad or two for one of the major insurers.

There are many regional insurers and agents that you’ve never heard of that can help you find the right auto insurance policy. Just because they’re unknown doesn’t mean they won’t offer excellent coverage and customer service, but with so much money on the line for your policy, it’s a good idea to do your research.

Kiplinger’s has outlined the steps you can take to ensure that your family is getting coverage through a legit and well-qualified insurance company:

Start by looking up the insurer’s complaint volume and how quickly those complaints were resolved.

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Insurance Infographics, eBooks, and More

Check out these fantastic resources from our friends from Encharter Insurance! They’ve rounded up a whole resource library of infographics, eBooks, posts and more to hep you learn more about what your insurance can help cover, as well as tips to ensure you’re getting the best coverage for your situation. Whether it’s thinking about how having a baby might affect your insurance to how to prepare for a safe holiday season, their library has all sorts of materials to help you learn more quickly!

Choosing the right insurance policy can be made a little easier when you have some insurance knowledge in your back pocket. At Encharter Insurance, we believe in not only helping you get the right coverage for your insurance needs, but also sharing our insurance expertise with you. Our Infographics, eBooks, insurance videos, and more can help you prepare for everything from life’s big changes to the holiday season.

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Don’t Skimp on Your Insurance

Sometimes insurance can feel like another expense for your family on an already tight budget. However, insurance can be a lifesaver if ever your family were to need the coverage it provides. This piece, originally posted on NerdWallet, breaks down what types of insurance are important for families to consider and examines the repercussions of skimping on your insurance.

Skimping on your coverage may not be the most effective way to save money on your insurance policies. Being underinsured could mean the insurance you’re paying so much for isn’t able to do what you need it to do, should something happen. Read on for more helpful tips:

Often I hear people say, “Insurance is a scam” or, “It’s too expensive.” But I’ve never heard anyone complain about insurance when they’ve needed it. Some types of insurance are required. Banks require you to purchase homeowners insurance when you buy a home, for…

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In smart home renovations, security and entertainment systems lead the way

Hoping to upgrade your family’s home to a smart home? If you’re anything like the homeowners in a recent study, chances are you’re considering some gadgets that will help increase your home security or ones that will make your TV room into the home theater of your dreams. 

Keep in mind that adding a home security system could lower your family’s homeowners insurance costs – talk to your agent to see if your insurer offers such a discount.

Learn more about trends in smart homes:

A new home trends study reveals what homeowners are spending on and how much.

Nest’s recent release, the Nest Cam Outdoor, watches your home and sends text alerts. Photo via Jalousier, Inc. FlipFlic is a recently Kickstarter-funded device that allows blinds to automatically adjust based on the light, temperature, and time of day.

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The 3 Factors That Have the Biggest Impact on Your Home Insurance

Your homeowners insurance premium can feel like a big expense, but if ever you needed to use it, it could be a financial lifesaver. There are a few things that have a significant impact on your rates, if you’re wondering where that premium number could have come from. Realty Times outlines these factors nicely in a helpful article:

Although your homeowner’s insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense at times, it is an invaluable safeguard. Property and casualty risk research firm ISO — Verisk Analytics states 5.3 percent…

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