Home warranties can be worth it (but read the fine print)

Home warranties and homeowners insurance are two different products that cover two different things. Should you consider a home warranty in addition to your homeowners insurance policy?

There are several advantages to this coverage and it could be useful for your family home. Read on for more information from USA Today:

While homeowners insurance protects your home against unforeseen circumstances, a home warranty, which costs an average of $550 per year, is a …

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Live in a Flood Zone? Make Sure You Have This

Flooding and insurance can be tricky. Some policies will cover flood damage, others won’t. Some coverage you can purchase any time you need it, some require a waiting period before the policy can go into effect.

If your area is susceptible to flooding, you’ll want to know the ins and outs of your policies to ensure you have adequate protection in the event of a flood. Read on on About to learn about some common nuances to flood coverage:

It may surprise you; car insurance does cover flood damage to cars, as long as you have selected the right coverage on your auto insurance policy. A flood can easily total out a car and the only way to get your insurance company to pay for the repairs or your total loss is to carry comprehensive coverage on your policy. Flood insurance can be crucial if you live in high risk flood zone.

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Does my insurance cover this fallen tree?

With thunderstorms in season, you may be wondering about whether storm damage is covered under your homeowners insurance. Wind and heavy rain or hail can bring down trees. Fallen trees can cause a whole lot of damage to your home or your car. Are you covered?

Read on for the answer and stay safe!

SD: If a neighbor’s tree falls on my home , car, or property who pays? … GM: Yes, your insurance would cover the home repairs, including water …

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Top 5 Ways to Reduce Car Costs for Teens

This summer, help cut down on your family’s car costs with these helpful tips for reducing costs for teens. Since teens are riskier drivers to insure, you may find that the family’s auto insurance plan will go up once you add a teen driver.

There are several ways to save on costs, from insurance to the car itself. About outlines some ways families can start saving:

Lowering car costs for teenagers is not an easy task. Driving a car is expensive for all drivers. When you add up all the costs of the vehicle itself, gas, maintenance, and car insurance it can seem as though the expenses are never ending. Focusing on cost savings will aide you in the decision making process when it comes to teenagers and their first set of wheels.

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Where Your Business Property Is & Isn’t Covered, According to Your Insurance

Getting commercial property insurance for your business is a no-brainer, but the things your policy doesn’t cover aren’t as obvious to most small business owners. If you depend on commercial property insurance to protect your business, make sure to reach out to your agent for clarity on what your policy does and does not cover. There could be certain types of damage that are excluded or if your property is in transit often, it may not be covered while on the move.

Learn more about what limitations you should be aware of on Insureon:

Commercial Property Insurance is a cornerstone policy for your business, but it does have limits. Cover your gaps with Inland Marine and Commercial Auto.

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How to insure your college-bound student

If you’ll be sending your child off to college later this summer, you’ll want to think about how you can protect your student while they’re at school. This helpful article from InsuraMatch outlines how your existing insurance can help cover your student at school and where you might want to purchase supplemental coverage.

From the diaper changing table to the college dorm room – it’s finally here – your son or daughter is heading off to get a degree and they’re no longer under your roof (well, at least for most of the year).

Besides clothes, electronics, and the compulsory college fridge, there are other things to consider before your 18-plus-year-old adult child heads to school – and that includes auto and property insurance.

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Find the Best Umbrella Insurance

Accidents can happen, which is why your family may want to consider an umbrella insurance policy. Umbrella insurance can help protect you financially from situations where you are found legally liable for damages. Whether it’s a dog bite or unintentional property damage, umbrella insurance could provide valuable protection for your family.

Learn more about how your family can find the best umbrella insurance for your needs on NerdWallet:

Nobody’s perfect. That’s why you buy liability insurance: You can avoid financial ruin if you accidentally cause major injuries or property damage to others. Problem is, your insurance isn’t perfect, either. That’s where a personal umbrella insurance policy comes in.

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How to Protect Yourself as a Condo Owner: Understanding Loss Assessment

Condo owners – have you considered loss assessment coverage? With so much shared spaced and so many shared costs, there could be times when you could find yourself on the hook for damages you didn’t anticipate. Loss assessment insurance can help you pay for some of the unexpected shared costs of owning a condo.

Learn more about when you might need this coverage and how to get it from About:

Loss Assessment is when the cost of damage to the building or in the shared areas of the property where the condo or coop is, gets split up among individual condo owners by the homeowners or condo owners corporation or association, and each owner becomes responsible for a portion of the cost.

Loss assessments could apply to property damage, liability, injury on premises, or deductibles.

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Here are some good reasons why you should get wedding insurance for your big day

This article is a comprehensive and compelling outline of why wedding insurance could be a good idea for your and your future spouse, or even your child who is getting married. A wedding is an event with many different details and wedding insurance can help make sure that you won’t face financial losses if something were to go wrong. 

Read more on the Daily News:

Wedding insurance is something most couples never think about. But there are lots of moving parts to a wedding and any number of things could go wrong. Ed Charlebois, vice president of personal insurance for Travel

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The Difference between Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance is a way to look after your family, even after you’re gone. Understanding life insurance can be tricky. This article breaks down the differences between two common types of life insurance – term and whole. 

Read on on MetLife for more information about life insurance and learn more about what coverage is right for your family:

There are two main types of life insurance — term life insurance and whole life insurance. Find out which may be right for you. These Are The Differences Between Term Life And Whole Life Insurance.

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