How Insuring an Old Car Differs from Insuring Your Daily Driver

Thinking about getting a collector car for your family? You may be surprised to learn that insurance for an antique car is often less than your usual ride.

There are different factors that go into determining the cost of a classic car policy than your everyday car’s insurance that affect the pricing. Read on for more information from Car and Driver:

But about 18 million to 20 million cars in the United States (Hagerty’s guess; the company says it insures about 1.2 million of them) qualify ­generally as custom, collectible, antique, or classic cars. They’re normally not used every day, they’re driven few miles every year, and their true value usually has nothing to do with depreciation. Classic-car insurance policies are typically based on an “agreed value” assessment of a car’s worth.

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Home Insurance 101: The Fundamentals of Home Quality

So, how do homeowners insurance companies price out your homeowners insurance? Get the scoop with this post from Realty Times.

Buying a home for your family is a huge investment and one you’ll want to protect. Read this post to learn more about the specific coverages homeowners insurance offers as well as areas in your new home you’ll want to pay particular attention to when insuring it.

Learn also how different factors and features of your home can affect your homeowners insurance rates. Speak with an insurance agent to learn more about how you can save on your insurance without scaling back coverage and opening yourself up to risk!

Buying a home represents one of the biggest purchases that an individual can make in his or her lifetime. As such, the decision should not be taken lightly, and you’ll…

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Cheaper car insurance: Here’s how to get a low rate — and choose the best policy

With so many factors contributing to how insurance companies determine auto insurance rates, it can be pretty complicated to try and find the lowest quote for your family’s policy. Everyone wants to find a deal, so how can you find one on auto insurance?

Mic outlines several ways to find savings and some ways to help cut your costs. By better understanding how insurance is priced and how different coverages affect car insurance pricing, cheaper car insurance rates can be found.

For specific tips and tricks, check out the article on!

Progressive quoted $6,404 for someone with a perfect driving record earning a “moderate income,” in Queens, New York — while a high-income …

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Insurance & Warranties: What’s Actually Worth It? What’s Really Not? — Reality Check

It is important for homeowners and renters alike to understand their risk when they make big home investments, like a new fridge or big device. When making a big home appliance purchase, you’ll probably be offered a warranty or specialized insurance to protect your purchase. Are these really worth it?
If you have existing insurance in place, you may not even need these items. However, your new appliance may not be covered for certain damages if you do have home coverage. Talking to an agent will help you understand your existing policies, while reading on for more information can help you figure out if a warranty is worth it.

It feels like you can’t buy anything without being offered an extended warranty for an extra fee at the checkout counter, but are any of those service plans and insurance offerings even worth it?

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What To Do When Switching Insurance

Some great tips from Mercury Insurance on how to smoothly transition from one insurer to another. There are many reasons why you may decide to switch insurers. Whatever your reason, read on to learn more about how to make the switch easy!

Shopping to make sure you are getting a good deal on your insurance isn’t the only reason why you might consider switching to another carrier. For example, you may have changed jobs and become eligible for a group discount through a different insurer.

Or perhaps, you are dissatisfied with the service your current insurer provides. Bundling is another reason—some insurers offer multiple product lines and extend discounts to policyholders who combine all of their policies with a single insurer.

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5 Football Tailgating Blunders Insurance Will Pay For

If you come from a family of football fans, this article is a good read. If you’ll be tailgating this football season, you may be opening yourself up to risk. Will your insurance cover those risks?

Tailgating is lots of fun for the whole family, but all the fun and the grill could cause damage to your car. Here’s some tips on what might be covered under your existing insurance policies from NerdWallet:

Football tailgates offer fans a chance to escape the weekly grind and cut loose in the name of bone-crunching tackles and char-grilled meats. But nothing brings tailgaters crashing back to reality faster than game-day festivities gone wrong. A combustible mix of alcohol, open flames and dense traffic, to name a few factors, can make tailgates…

The article 5 Football Tailgating Blunders Insurance Will Pay For originally appeared on NerdWallet.

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Homeowners insurance 101: What you need to know

Not all policies are created equal! Understanding the basic tenants of homeowners insurance can help you make an informed choice when it comes to the coverages and limits you choose for your new home.

The excitement of purchasing a new home shouldn’t be cut short by unforeseen problems that can put you in a financial crisis because you didn’t have the right insurance policy. Homeowners insurance gives you peace of mind, covering damage to your property, risk of liability, and protecting you against any legal claims.

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How to Find the Best Travel Insurance

With the holidays and new year approaching, your family may be looking to take a trip or two. Before you hit the road or head to the airport, you may want to consider travel insurance to help protect your trip.

Travel insurance can offer several different coverages to protect you and your family as you travel. Most people are familiar with the trip cancelation aspect of travel insurance, but there are other features that could be valuable for your family.

NerdWallet breaks down this coverage to help your family understand how travel insurance works:

There’s nothing like travel to renew the spirit. A change of scene gives a fresh perspective, a chance to let go and maybe even a taste of adventure. Travel insurance provides a safety net so you can step out with confidence. Depending on the policy, travel insurance reimburses you or offers services when something goes…

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5 Types Of Insurance You Shouldn’T Waste Your Money On

Of course this site is a dedicated insurance advocate, but we are also realistic! There are some types of coverage that don’t make sense for the average consumer. This article outlines some coverage you may not need, thanks to coverage from other plans or the unlikeliness of incurring a claim. 

While this article is helpful, it should not take the place of real insurance advice from an agent who understands your financial and family situation. If you have questions, give your agent a call to discuss your family’s specific insurance needs.

Just about anyone who has rented a car has experienced the awkward moment when the agent asks whether you want to add rental car insurance .

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Residents should consider renter’s insurance

If your family rents your home, you may fall into the large percentage of renters who don’t have renters insurance. The Houston Chronicle delves into this trend that could leave families who are renting vulnerable to costly damages, should something happen to their rental or their property in their rental.

Renters insurance can be a valuable coverage for renters thanks to the personal property coverage and liability coverage most plans offer. Read more about renters insurance in the Houston Chronicle:

You wouldn’t own a home without homeowner’s insurance . You wouldn’t drive a car without auto insurance. But many never consider renter’s …

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