Top 5 Things to Know Before Filing a Property Damage Claim

These tips from Miami Patch are bookmark-worthy! Should your family ever need to file a homeowners insurance claim, these tips for mitigating damage and working with your insurer are very helpful.

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“They should mitigate the damage to the property ,” advised attorney Darren … “The insurance adjuster doesn’t have the homeowners ‘ sole interests.

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Don’t skimp on property insurance

Understanding the different coverages a homeowners insurance policy offers your family can be tricky. This article in the Lowell Sun delves into the details and particulars of what a standard policy can offer and also certain details where homeowners should pay extra attention.

Having the right coverage is essential to protecting your home and family. This piece can help you learn more:

When selecting the amount of property insurance coverage, a homeowner considers the cost to replace only dwelling’s structure — not the market …

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Super Bowl party fouls: How home insurance defends your turf

For homeowners, Super Bowl party fouls could be tempered by your family’s homeowners insurance. While it is fun to host a get together for the big game, don’t forget that inviting others into your home can come with some risk.

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Hosting a Super Bowl bash can feel like trying to dodge a blitz. With lots of guests, alcohol and charged emotions, disaster can strike from any …

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Why You Should Revisit Your Car Insurance Policy Every Six Months

Could your family be saving more on your car insurance? This life hack could help you save more. Simply shop around each time your policy comes up for renewal and you could find some savings out there.

An insurance agent, like our friends at InsuraMatch, can help you shop for multiple insurance quotes:

It’s smart to periodically check in on your goals, spending plan, or investment portfolio, but you also want to reevaluate your monthly bills and expenses every now and then, too. If you haven’t looked for a better car insurance policy for a while, it might be time.

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Our Top New Year’s Resolutions for Insurance

How are your New Years resolutions going? The new year is a great time to evaluate your family’s insurance coverage and insurance needs. 

This article in the Huffington Post is an excellent breakdown of what families should be looking at in the new year to ensure you’re getting the most out of your various policies. 

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In Ross’ home state of Florida, for example, drivers can meet the … “People often buy homeowners insurance based on their mortgage or what the …

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How a Pay-As-You-Drive Policy Can Cut the Cost of Auto Insurance

Sick of paying so much your auto insurance premiums? If you don’t drive often, you could have an option for lowering your family’s rates.  You’ll have to allow your insurer to monitor your driving, but giving up some of your driving privacy could lead to big savings on your car insurance.

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For those who are ready to cut the cost of automobile insurance this year, enrolling in a pay-as-you-drive program may be the solution to driving down …

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When Do You Need To Buy Life Insurance?

Is life insurance right for your family? You may think if you’re under 30, it’s too early to consider. That may not necessarily be the case. Now could be a great time to buy, while you’re young.

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Life insurance isn’t usually on a 20-something’s list of financial priorities.

And that’s okay. Maybe.

If you’re happily single and childless, you can probably skip this post (for now). But if marriage or a family is on the horizon, read on.

Although age may play a role in how much life insurance you need, the decision to buy life insurance has nothing to do with age. So when do you need life insurance? Here’s the simple rule:

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No insurance? No problem for thousands of drivers

Unfortunately, in some states there are many people who ignore insurance mandates. Because of this, your family may want to consider adding some Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage to your auto insurance, just in case.

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Getting jolted by a car crash is bad enough, but when the other driver is uninsured and you’re left holding the bag, it becomes infuriating – and …

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