Is Your Workplace Life Insurance Enough?

If you have a family, it is very important to evaluate your life insurance coverage. Your employer may offer life insurance to employees for free, but is this free coverage enough for your family’s needs?

Having adequate life insurance is important to maintaining your family’s standard of living should something happen. Your coverage through your employer may not be enough for your family, and it is dependent on your employment status with your company – what if you got a new job? Read on in Time for some important considerations when it comes to your workplace life insurance and your coverage needs:

As benefits season kicks off, you may be focused on the changes to your health plan. But be sure to pay careful attention to your life insurance options when you fill out your annual enrollment forms.

That is because the typical U.S. company usually only offers one- to three-times salary as a life insurance benefit at no cost to workers, and it ends when you leave the job.

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