5 Insider Tips for Finding Affordable Long-Term Care Insurance

Protecting your family isn’t just thinking about how to care for your children as they grow. You may also want to look toward the future and make a plan for the older members of your family. One area you should consider is how your family will handle the long-term care of an aging family. Will you or your parents require long-term care insurance as you age? Like many types of insurance, the earlier you start making a plan around long-term care insurance you’ll likely be able to find better coverage at a better price.

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Years from now most baby boomers will need help with the daily stuff of life, like dressing, bathing, eating or remembering to take medication. Regular health insurance, including Medicare, doesn’t pay for help with these “custodial care” tasks, except in limited circumstances. Long-term care insurance does. Yet faced with the coverage costs, many long-term care…

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