Risky routes could be newest car insurance rate factor

Car insurance rates are determined using many different factors to weigh your family’s risk. What if the roads you traveled and the number of people in your car affected your premium? 

Taking riskier routes could mean you’ll pay more for your auto insurance in the future, thanks to new programs being developed by Allstate, State Farm and Travelers. On the other hand, safe driving and safer routes could be awarded with lower premiums.

Depending on how your family uses your vehicle, route-specific programs could help lower your auto insurance rates. Read more about new factors in USA Today:

Putting a price tag on car insurance has always been something of a guessing game. Insurers can’t monitor your driving 24/7, so they set rates using …

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How Insuring an Old Car Differs from Insuring Your Daily Driver

Thinking about getting a collector car for your family? You may be surprised to learn that insurance for an antique car is often less than your usual ride.

There are different factors that go into determining the cost of a classic car policy than your everyday car’s insurance that affect the pricing. Read on for more information from Car and Driver:

But about 18 million to 20 million cars in the United States (Hagerty’s guess; the company says it insures about 1.2 million of them) qualify ­generally as custom, collectible, antique, or classic cars. They’re normally not used every day, they’re driven few miles every year, and their true value usually has nothing to do with depreciation. Classic-car insurance policies are typically based on an “agreed value” assessment of a car’s worth.

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Cheaper car insurance: Here’s how to get a low rate — and choose the best policy

With so many factors contributing to how insurance companies determine auto insurance rates, it can be pretty complicated to try and find the lowest quote for your family’s policy. Everyone wants to find a deal, so how can you find one on auto insurance?

Mic outlines several ways to find savings and some ways to help cut your costs. By better understanding how insurance is priced and how different coverages affect car insurance pricing, cheaper car insurance rates can be found.

For specific tips and tricks, check out the article on!

Progressive quoted $6,404 for someone with a perfect driving record earning a “moderate income,” in Queens, New York — while a high-income …

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5 Football Tailgating Blunders Insurance Will Pay For

If you come from a family of football fans, this article is a good read. If you’ll be tailgating this football season, you may be opening yourself up to risk. Will your insurance cover those risks?

Tailgating is lots of fun for the whole family, but all the fun and the grill could cause damage to your car. Here’s some tips on what might be covered under your existing insurance policies from NerdWallet:

Football tailgates offer fans a chance to escape the weekly grind and cut loose in the name of bone-crunching tackles and char-grilled meats. But nothing brings tailgaters crashing back to reality faster than game-day festivities gone wrong. A combustible mix of alcohol, open flames and dense traffic, to name a few factors, can make tailgates…

The article 5 Football Tailgating Blunders Insurance Will Pay For originally appeared on NerdWallet.

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How to Find the Best Travel Insurance

With the holidays and new year approaching, your family may be looking to take a trip or two. Before you hit the road or head to the airport, you may want to consider travel insurance to help protect your trip.

Travel insurance can offer several different coverages to protect you and your family as you travel. Most people are familiar with the trip cancelation aspect of travel insurance, but there are other features that could be valuable for your family.

NerdWallet breaks down this coverage to help your family understand how travel insurance works:

There’s nothing like travel to renew the spirit. A change of scene gives a fresh perspective, a chance to let go and maybe even a taste of adventure. Travel insurance provides a safety net so you can step out with confidence. Depending on the policy, travel insurance reimburses you or offers services when something goes…

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Why Your Insurance Company Can Deny Your Claim

Besides coverage likely being mandated in your state, the reason many families purchase auto insurance is for financial help in the event of a claim. Having coverage could be a financial lifesaver should you damage the family car or cause injury in an accident.

However, not all claims are created equal and insurance companies will sometimes deny claims. Understanding why and how insurance companies deny claims can help you take any necessary steps to ensure you’ll get the help you need if you are forced to make a claim.

Outside of the fact that most states require drivers to have it, the reason you get insurance is so you’re not stuck with a big bill in the event that something bad happens to your car. You pay your premium every month, and if you’re involved in a crash or your car gets stolen, the insurance company foots the bill. Except it doesn’t always happen like that.

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10 States That Jack Up Your Auto Insurance Just For Driving

There are many factors that can affect the pricing of your family’s auto insurance rates. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of them all! In addition to how long you’ve been driving, recent accidents or tickets on your record, and the type of car you have, the distance you drive each year can affect your auto insurance pricing, too.

Driving frequently can have a pretty large impact on your auto insurance premium, depending on the state you live in. While it makes sense that the more you drive, the more risk you’re exposed to, it’s never fun to have to pay more for your auto insurance.

So how much more will you have to pay? Your price will depend on the many other factors used to determine a quote and the state you live in. Learn more on The Street:

“Most consumers aren’t aware of the relationship between mileage and auto premiums,” says Laura Adams, senior insurance analyst for …

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Car Insurance Premiums Could Be Affected By Driverless Cars

Good news for families wishing for lower car insurance premiums – it seems like change to the market in the coming years will have an effect on your premiums. With the advent of driverless cars and more and more safety features added to cars, it seems likely that car insurance rates will go down. 

While these technological changes will undoubtedly make our roads safer in some ways, the potential risks of driverless cars are yet to be discovered and could slow the rate at which car insurance premiums fall. Read more in the Digital Journal:

A piece of research by AC Insurance Services, an insurance agency in West Palm Beach, FL, has indicated that premiums for automobile insurance …

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For the last time: Car rental coverage is not mandatory

The holidays are coming up and many Americans will be hitting the roads to visit with family.

Will your family be renting a car for the trip? When renting a car, it can be confusing whether you have enough auto insurance coverage under your regular insurance policy, if your credit card offers enough coverage and if the insurance offered by the rental agency is required or not.

This article from USAToday seeks to clear up some misconceptions relating to the insurance offered by rental car companies just in time for holiday travel:

Car rental insurance isn’t required. Or is it? If you’re not sure, then you’re one of many confused car renters — a confusion some car rental companies …

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Full Results: State Insurance Websites Ranked From Most to Least Helpful to Consumers

How helpful is the state you live in when it comes to insurance? NerdWallet ranked the top state insurance websites based on several different factors to see which were the most helpful.

Many states have helpful data that can assist consumers who are searching for new insurance policies or are looking to learn more about insurance from an unbiased party.

So, how does your state compare? Take a look on NerdWallet: 

A new NerdWallet analysis looked at the insurance department websites of all 50 states and Washington, D.C., to determine just how helpful they are to consumers. NerdWallet analyzed each website based on four categories: Insurance rate comparisons. Complaint data. Consumer assistance. Consumer education and resources. For additional information on the study, including why it matters…

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