7 Ways To Save Money on Your Home Insurance

Who doesn’t like saving money? Check out these ways your family could save on homeowners insurance!

We spoke with Pete Ducich of Farmers Insurance about ways to save on your rates and make sure you’re properly covered in case you need to file a claim. Here are his money-saving tips:

A $500 deductable is commonplace for home insurance. But raising it to $1,000 can cut your premium by 8 to 10 percent, Ducich says. The higher deductible is always a bit of a gamble, since you’ll have to pay more money upfront in the event of a claim. But it pays off if you don’t have to file.

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Having a Child? 7 Important Financial Considerations

If your family will be growing this year, set aside the time to think about these 7 financial considerations to prepare for your child’s arrival.

Having kids is expensive. But as a financial planner, watching my peers start families, I’ve realized that parents-to-be have much more complex financial issues to consider than whether or not they can afford to feed and clothe a baby.

You may never feel like you are 100% ready to have a child, yet there are important financial-planning steps you can take now to prepare for your growing family.

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Bank of America will offer mortgages for 3% down

Homeownership may have just gotten more attainable for your family with this new product from Bank of America (just don’t forget to figure in the cost of homeowners insurance when considering how much homeownership will cost you!).

Bank of America introduced a new mortgage product that only requires eligible borrowers to make a 3% down payment.

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What You Need To Know About Home Improvements And Taxes

Good info for families who have made some home improvements!

When we bought our first house, it was perfect. Well, except for the 40-year-old heater. And the green kitchen with beige appliances circa the 1970s. And the creepy basement. (But otherwise perfect.)

Over the years, we made a number of improvements. We also made a number of repairs. We replaced the roof, added a powder room, and replaced the front porch. We painted walls and swapped out windows and doors.

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Hold, Fan, or Auto? Set Your Thermostat to Save Money

Though winter is coming to a close, we still are in for some cold days. These tips can help your family save, while keeping your home warm and safe.

The Home Matters home solutions experts have researched and found the ways for you to save money when programming and setting your thermostat.

Which setting on your thermostat should you use for energy efficiency and cost savings? What temperature should you set the thermostat on to save the biggest bucks? What’s better for your budget, a manual thermostat or a programmable one? Here’s some information to help you answer these important questions that can effect your pocketbook and your comfort.

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Kick-Start Savings During America Saves Week

Did you know it’s America Saves Week? Is your family planning to participate?

In 1975, the average American squirreled away 17% of his take-home pay. In the four decades since, that number has plummeted to 6%, according to the Federal Reserve.

For most, that’s not nearly enough to plan for retirement or cope with a financial emergency, say experts. That’s why this month, more than 1,000 organizations across the country are banding together for America Saves Week, which runs from February 22 to 27.

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Tax and Home Records Checklist: What to Keep and For How Long

Tax season has arrived. This helpful article breaks down what home documents your family needs to hold onto.

Except for tax paperwork, there’s no official guideline governing exactly how long you have to keep most home-related documents. Lucky for you, we considered the situations in which you might need documents and came up with a handy “How Long to Keep It” home records checklist.

First, a little background on IRS rules, which informed some of our charts:

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The Tips That Will Absolutely, No Question About It, Most Definitely Build Up Your Savings This Year

If you’re like most of the families we know, saving is a top priority. Check out these helpful tips from Apartment Therapy (and don’t forget that when you have more saved, you have more to protect, so be sure to regularly examine your insurance policy limits).
We’ve all tried the money-in-a-jar thing—but it doesn’t work that well. Or maybe you’ve tried the envelope system like I did, and found the envelopes soon wore out and were abandoned. How does one really save money? Like, real, serious amounts of money? Here are the tips that really do make a difference.

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