Spring rains, El Nino and hurricanes increase threat of seasonal floods

Changing weather patterns can increase your risk of flood thanks to unpredictable rains and more. Make sure you’re protected by safe guarding your home against flood damage and considering flood insurance.

Spring rains, global warming, and the effects of El Nino in 2016 may increase the likelihood of flooding in many parts of the country. Are you prepared for potential flooding?

“As far as El Niños go, the one we’re experiencing now is a doozy. In fact, it’s probably the strongest that’s ever been measured,” according to “In the simplest terms, that means one thing: Get ready for another year of wild weather.”

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Make Your Home More Flood Resistant, FEMA Tips

It’s springtime which means its a peak flood season. Flooding can happen anywhere it rains, so your family could be affected, even if you’re not near the ocean. Here are helpful steps you can take to make your family’s home more flood-resistant from FEMA. These tips should help you minimize damage from flooding. And don’t forget to consider flood insurance!

So it’s strongly recommended that homeowners look into purchasing a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy, especially if your home or …

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Q&A: How flooding victims can apply for federal aid

Springtime weather patterns have brought flooding to all areas of the country. This helpful Q&A can help you learn more about how to protect yourself and your family from the costs of flooding.

Q I have flood insurance . Should I apply for federal aid? A Yes. FEMA may be able to issue funding to replace items not covered by flood insurance …

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Ways to Prevent Basement Flooding

Spring showers can cause your basement to flood… what would your family do? Make sure you have taken measures to prevent flooding and speak to your insurance agent about flood insurance, even if you don’t live in a high-risk area. Rain can happen anywhere, make sure your basement is ready!

Rain, rain, go away, the basement’s flooded and it’s not okay!

El Nino conditions have brought on the rainy season a bit sooner than usual.  With that, flooding becomes a greater concern.  Many people have issues with basement flooding after a storm.  Luckily, there are some measures you can do to prevent water getting into your home.  Many of these you can do yourself!

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Upgrade Your Home, Insurance Policy Before Spring Storms Hit

Make sure your home and insurance policies are up-to-date before rain, hail and more spring weather rolls in. These spring perils account for many homeowners insurance claims. Preparing your home for these weather events is your first line of defense, but if that’s not enough, proper insurance coverage is paramount to recouping your losses without a financial hit.

Mother Nature’s forces of wind, water and hail account for more than half of all homeowners insurance losses.

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9 Things Homeowner’s Insurance Does NOT Cover – Bob Vila

Very important! Call your agent if you are not sure.

Most homeowners insurance policies get squared away in the early stages of home buying and aren’t much looked at again until the time comes when they’re needed, say, after a burglary or significant storm damage. But don’t wait until the day you need to invoke it to learn what your policy doesn’t cover. A number of liabilities—ranging from trampolines to certain pests, and from out-of-the-home businesses to certain dog breeds—may not be included.

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