5 Football Tailgating Blunders Insurance Will Pay For

If you come from a family of football fans, this article is a good read. If you’ll be tailgating this football season, you may be opening yourself up to risk. Will your insurance cover those risks?

Tailgating is lots of fun for the whole family, but all the fun and the grill could cause damage to your car. Here’s some tips on what might be covered under your existing insurance policies from NerdWallet:

Football tailgates offer fans a chance to escape the weekly grind and cut loose in the name of bone-crunching tackles and char-grilled meats. But nothing brings tailgaters crashing back to reality faster than game-day festivities gone wrong. A combustible mix of alcohol, open flames and dense traffic, to name a few factors, can make tailgates…

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How to Find the Best Travel Insurance

With the holidays and new year approaching, your family may be looking to take a trip or two. Before you hit the road or head to the airport, you may want to consider travel insurance to help protect your trip.

Travel insurance can offer several different coverages to protect you and your family as you travel. Most people are familiar with the trip cancelation aspect of travel insurance, but there are other features that could be valuable for your family.

NerdWallet breaks down this coverage to help your family understand how travel insurance works:

There’s nothing like travel to renew the spirit. A change of scene gives a fresh perspective, a chance to let go and maybe even a taste of adventure. Travel insurance provides a safety net so you can step out with confidence. Depending on the policy, travel insurance reimburses you or offers services when something goes…

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5 Types Of Insurance You Shouldn’T Waste Your Money On

Of course this site is a dedicated insurance advocate, but we are also realistic! There are some types of coverage that don’t make sense for the average consumer. This article outlines some coverage you may not need, thanks to coverage from other plans or the unlikeliness of incurring a claim. 

While this article is helpful, it should not take the place of real insurance advice from an agent who understands your financial and family situation. If you have questions, give your agent a call to discuss your family’s specific insurance needs.

Just about anyone who has rented a car has experienced the awkward moment when the agent asks whether you want to add rental car insurance .

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Insurance Infographics, eBooks, and More

Check out these fantastic resources from our friends from Encharter Insurance! They’ve rounded up a whole resource library of infographics, eBooks, posts and more to hep you learn more about what your insurance can help cover, as well as tips to ensure you’re getting the best coverage for your situation. Whether it’s thinking about how having a baby might affect your insurance to how to prepare for a safe holiday season, their library has all sorts of materials to help you learn more quickly!

Choosing the right insurance policy can be made a little easier when you have some insurance knowledge in your back pocket. At Encharter Insurance, we believe in not only helping you get the right coverage for your insurance needs, but also sharing our insurance expertise with you. Our Infographics, eBooks, insurance videos, and more can help you prepare for everything from life’s big changes to the holiday season.

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Don’t Skimp on Your Insurance

Sometimes insurance can feel like another expense for your family on an already tight budget. However, insurance can be a lifesaver if ever your family were to need the coverage it provides. This piece, originally posted on NerdWallet, breaks down what types of insurance are important for families to consider and examines the repercussions of skimping on your insurance.

Skimping on your coverage may not be the most effective way to save money on your insurance policies. Being underinsured could mean the insurance you’re paying so much for isn’t able to do what you need it to do, should something happen. Read on for more helpful tips:

Often I hear people say, “Insurance is a scam” or, “It’s too expensive.” But I’ve never heard anyone complain about insurance when they’ve needed it. Some types of insurance are required. Banks require you to purchase homeowners insurance when you buy a home, for…

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Live in a Flood Zone? Make Sure You Have This

Flooding and insurance can be tricky. Some policies will cover flood damage, others won’t. Some coverage you can purchase any time you need it, some require a waiting period before the policy can go into effect.

If your area is susceptible to flooding, you’ll want to know the ins and outs of your policies to ensure you have adequate protection in the event of a flood. Read on on About to learn about some common nuances to flood coverage:

It may surprise you; car insurance does cover flood damage to cars, as long as you have selected the right coverage on your auto insurance policy. A flood can easily total out a car and the only way to get your insurance company to pay for the repairs or your total loss is to carry comprehensive coverage on your policy. Flood insurance can be crucial if you live in high risk flood zone.

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Where Your Business Property Is & Isn’t Covered, According to Your Insurance

Getting commercial property insurance for your business is a no-brainer, but the things your policy doesn’t cover aren’t as obvious to most small business owners. If you depend on commercial property insurance to protect your business, make sure to reach out to your agent for clarity on what your policy does and does not cover. There could be certain types of damage that are excluded or if your property is in transit often, it may not be covered while on the move.

Learn more about what limitations you should be aware of on Insureon:

Commercial Property Insurance is a cornerstone policy for your business, but it does have limits. Cover your gaps with Inland Marine and Commercial Auto.

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Find the Best Umbrella Insurance

Accidents can happen, which is why your family may want to consider an umbrella insurance policy. Umbrella insurance can help protect you financially from situations where you are found legally liable for damages. Whether it’s a dog bite or unintentional property damage, umbrella insurance could provide valuable protection for your family.

Learn more about how your family can find the best umbrella insurance for your needs on NerdWallet:

Nobody’s perfect. That’s why you buy liability insurance: You can avoid financial ruin if you accidentally cause major injuries or property damage to others. Problem is, your insurance isn’t perfect, either. That’s where a personal umbrella insurance policy comes in.

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Here are some good reasons why you should get wedding insurance for your big day

This article is a comprehensive and compelling outline of why wedding insurance could be a good idea for your and your future spouse, or even your child who is getting married. A wedding is an event with many different details and wedding insurance can help make sure that you won’t face financial losses if something were to go wrong. 

Read more on the Daily News:

Wedding insurance is something most couples never think about. But there are lots of moving parts to a wedding and any number of things could go wrong. Ed Charlebois, vice president of personal insurance for Travel

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Water Damage and Renter’s Insurance

If your family rents, you should read this piece about water damage and renters insurance:

A need for a good insurance policy So now what? It wasn’t her fault she had a new indoor swimming area, but would she have to pay for the damages? Allstate Agent Joe McLean says that she purchased a good renter’s insurance policy, she would be covered. There are renter’s insurance policies which protect you in the event of a bursted pipe, water heater, water bed, etc.

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