How to Find the Best Travel Insurance

With the holidays and new year approaching, your family may be looking to take a trip or two. Before you hit the road or head to the airport, you may want to consider travel insurance to help protect your trip.

Travel insurance can offer several different coverages to protect you and your family as you travel. Most people are familiar with the trip cancelation aspect of travel insurance, but there are other features that could be valuable for your family.

NerdWallet breaks down this coverage to help your family understand how travel insurance works:

There’s nothing like travel to renew the spirit. A change of scene gives a fresh perspective, a chance to let go and maybe even a taste of adventure. Travel insurance provides a safety net so you can step out with confidence. Depending on the policy, travel insurance reimburses you or offers services when something goes…

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Road Trip Insurance Concerns

Summertime is the season for road trips! Pack the family into the car and get out there to discover the hidden gems of your area (or somewhere new!), but don’t forget to check on your insurance before you depart.

Keep your family, your car and your personal property protected by ensuring you have the proper insurance protection before you hit the road. These tips from InsuraMatch can help you evaluate your current coverage and suggest ways to supplement what you have to be best protected:

The Great American Road Trip is in resurgence with low gas prices and a recovered economy.  Many families will be taking road trips in the summer.  After packing the car, rounding up the kids, and hitting the road, insurance shouldn’t be stressing you.  These are some common insurance concerns to address before your next big car trip.  Making sure that everything is sorted before you depart will help you have a smooth and relaxing time on the road.

Adequate Auto Insurance Coverage

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Spring Maintenance For Your RV

Is your family ready for vacation? Make sure your RV is too!

Warmer weather is finally here and that means one thing—it’s time to get your RV out of hibernation and ready for the first outdoor adventure of the season. But before you leave the driveway, you need to get your RV road-ready.

“When RVs sit in storage … lots of unexpected things can happen,” says Mark Polk, an RV expert who writes a regular column for Kampgrounds of America (KOA).

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Insurance Concerns for Home Sharing Guests

If you’ll be traveling this spring or summer and choosing to stay in an Airbnb or HomeAway or similar lodging, make sure you know your risk! Consider how insurance can help you while traveling.

So, you’ve finally bought the ticket. The months you spent cutting back and scrimping and saving for your vacation has finally paid off. You hit the goal in your vacation fund and now you are taking that week off to go on the trip you’ve been planning for months.

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Want to stay longer on your trip? Here’s how to extend your travel insurance.

Is your family traveling for spring break or spring vacation? Well if so, all of us here at Family Insurance Guide are jealous! Enjoy your trip and don’t forget to consider travel insurance before you go. And if you’re lucky enough to extend your trip this spring, don’t forget to extend your travel insurance, too!

Travel insurance can cover you for medical emergencies, trip cancellation, and a variety of other situations that may come up during a trip. With a tight economy, those who spend money on personal travel are often budget conscious, always looking for great deals and ways to travel more and save money. It’s normal for anyone to think, ‘let’s cut costs on the travel budget and skip the insurance’, but there are many reasons travel insurance is not the place to cut costs.

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Spring Cleaning Your Insurance

A helpful post with everything you need to know to get your insurance policies up-to-date to help mitigate springtime risks your family may face, like wind, hail, flooding, spring break and more!

It’s Spring Cleaning season!  The frigid air of winter is fading away and being replaced by the chirps of birds, the heat of the sun, and luscious green grass.  Not only is this the perfect time to clean out your home, but it’s the perfect time to clean up your insurance!

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