State: Make sure insurance policies are winter-ready

For our families in Massachusetts, the state insurance commissioner has a request for you in the new year – review your insurance coverage!

Massachusetts winters can be tough on your car and especially on your home. Make sure you have the right coverage in place to get you through the winter weather.

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BOSTON (AP) — Winter has officially arrived and Massachusetts officials say that’s a good time for homeowners and motorists to review insurance …

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Is Your Car Insurance Adequate?

This is a question where your family definitely does not want hear the answer “no!”

The new year is a great time to evaluate your family’s auto insurance coverage to make sure you have adequate limits and coverages in place for your family’s needs. 2016 may have brought changes to your family and you’ll want those updates made to your policy in 2017. 

This article from Oregon Local News offers how your family can assess your coverage in more detail:

As we go into the New Year—and into some of the coldest weather that Oregon has to offer—now is a great time to review your auto insurance policy.

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Change in NY law could save homeowners on insurance

Good news in the new year for our readers from New York! A new change in state law could help you lower your homeowners insurance premiums.

You may not have heard of it before, but this new law that is now in effect in New York state can help you save on your homeowners insurance by simply taking a class! You may not like homework, but I think we all like saving money on our homeowners insurance!

Find out more details on WHEC:

A little known change in the law this weekend could end up saving you on your homeowners insurance premiums. It’s not cheap when it comes to …

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Those New Home Safety Gadgets You Just Bought? They Won’t Lower Your Insurance Bill Much

The title of this article may be discouraging for your family, but don’t give up just yet! If you got some slick new gadgets for your home this holiday season, make sure to give your agent a call and inquire about insurance discounts. 

Your agent is the best person to advise you on how to save on your homeowners insurance, so don’t let this article steer you wrong! Call your agent to discuss how changes you made to your home in 2016 could help lower your premium in 2017!

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Americans are snapping up millions of new security cameras and smoke detectors connected to their Wi-Fi networks. But insurers aren’t yet persuaded the devices will make homes any safer.

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10 smart insurance resolutions for 2017

Who’s already making progress on your New Year’s resolution? Do I hear crickets?

These 10 smart insurance-related resolutions should get added to your list. They won’t take much time and they’ll help you ensure you have the coverage you need going into a new year. Some of these are as easy as making small, safer changes to your usual routine (easy peasy!).

Start your year well protected with these 10 resolutions from USA TODAY:

The key to making a claim is understanding your policy. For auto and home insurance , look for the policy’s declarations page. For health insurance, …

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Why Do You Need Renters Insurance?

If your family rents, you may want to consider renters insurance. Renters insurance can help protect you from the costs covered damages and disasters could create in your living space.

This piece from Uloop examines some compelling reasons to get your family covered with renters insurance. There are several key coverages that could be financial lifesavers should something happen to your rented home.

Check out the full article on Uloop: 

You get into a car accident and run over someone’s mailbox, you need auto insurance for this. You get injured at work and are unable to continue …

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The Kind of Car Insurer That Gives Consumers the Best Value

If the new year means changes to your family’s auto insurance, you may want to read this feature first! Getting the best value for your family is important when you’re paying so much for good coverage, so check out the auto insurance that will give you just that.

This piece in the New York Times delves into what types of auto insurers will give you the best for your money:

The answer, at least in the nearly $200 billion auto insurance industry, appears to be yes. That’s the conclusion of a new and comprehensive study …

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5 Questions to Know What Insurance Coverage You Need in Retirement

If someone in your family is nearing retirement, you may be wondering how your insurance needs will change. Getting your insurance in order at the start will help protect your family throughout retirement. 

Learn more about insurance in retirement on The Street:

It’s a myth that auto insurance costs rise after retirement. Without exception, younger drivers pay more for car insurance than any other demographic.

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Vacant Home Insurance: Keeping Your Unoccupied Home Safe

There are many reasons why you may leave your home unoccupied, whether it’s a second home you use seasonally or you are in the midst of home renovations. You may not be aware of the insurance implications of a vacant home. 

Leaving your home unoccupied isn’t as simple as just buying a homeowners insurance policy and hoping for the best. There are coverage nuances related to vacant homes that should be considered before you lock up and leave.

Learn more about insuring your vacation home on Realty Times:

Although your homeowners’ insurance offers financial protection against property damage or destruction, your policy includes coverage exclusions if your residence is unoccupied. If you plan to leave your residence vacant…

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